The Athens Summer School on Organic Synthesis 2021 (ASSOS2021) will be the first of a series of Summer School events, hosted in Athens, Greece. The mission of the ASSOS 2021 is to provide PhD students, MSc students, junior researchers and in general participants from both academia and industry, with the most recent advances in the field of Organic Synthesis, introducing hot and emerging areas of Organic Chemistry.
ASSOS 2021 will be dedicated to new and sustainable methodologies and technologies, discussing cutting-edge, both emerging and established hot topics of research in Organic Synthesis. Particular interest will be given to green, environmentally friendly and sustainable methodologies that could find applications in chemical industry, including pharmaceutical industry and fine chemical industry. The School is organized into thematic sessions, each of them constructed around a series of lectures.

Photochemistry – Solar and Visible Light Synthesis
Mechanochemistry – Sustainable Applications in Organic Chemistry
Continuous Flow Synthesis – Emerging Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry
Advances in Synthetic Methodology for Drug Discovery

The summer school targets to be an international event, where researchers from all over the world will come together, explore and discuss hot topics of Organic Synthesis. Bringing together young and experienced researchers is expected to create strong bonds between organic synthetic chemists and to flourish new ideas and collaborations on the particular topics of the summer school.

The ASSOS 2021 summer school will run on August 25-27, 2021, as a fully Virtual Event, allowing participants and trainers to safely take part in this event. On the first two days of the school, experienced trainers will deliver lectures introducing the topics of the school, followed by presenting more focused examples from their own research experience. The third day will be dedicated to young researchers, who, after being inspired the previous two days by established researchers in the field, will have the opportunity to present on international level their own research results and discuss with the trainers.

Full Program now announced